HL6528: Need to have TCP server and client concurrently

Hello All:

My requirement are like this:

Client: Push data from my unit to a storage server over the internet.
Server: Listen to commands from the server.

Which means I need to have both TCP client and server concurrently. I was wondering if this is possible in a true concurrent manner?

If not possible, then I plan to keep the server open all the time listening for commands.
When its time for me to push data to the server, then I close the server and connect to the StorageServer like a client.

Are there any samples code for a host MCU using HL6528?


From the section 20.6.1. Client Mode and 20.6.2. Server Mode of the AT Commands Interface Guide, it appears that you can both send and receive at the same time, in the sense not true concurrency but you can send data as and when you want and you get a notification if there is data to be received.

If the notifications are handled right, we should be able to do Tx and Rx without having to switch between Server and Client.