HL6528 module tcp client tx & RX

[HILO] I am using HL6528 module for TCP client creation.
I am able to create TCP client and I can also send data to my server using AT+KTCPSND=1,1024 command.
I can also receive bytes from server using AT+KTCPRCV=1,1024 command. But these two task is done separately, i.e either you can transmit or you can create channel to receive byte. I want to do these simultaneously i.e when I stablish a TCP client to send data then on the same channel I should receive data.

Is there any method to transmit and receive data simultaneously. I have referred chapter 20.6.1 for TCP client connection.

You can use AT+KTCPSTART. There is an example in the AT command guide:
20.6.4 End to End TCP Connection