HL powered by LI-Po battery


My design uses a Li-Po battery with the following specs:

  • capacity: 1000mAh
  • maximum discharge current: 15C=15000mA
  • Internal resistance (cell+cables): <80mOhm
  • voltage: 3.7V

Should be necessary the low esr capacitors next to HL, to compensate the drops on the power supply, during the bursts? If yes, it only makes sense use capacitors with equivalent ESR lower than 80mOhm!

Any comments on this?


Hi, xgon!

I use a lot of LiPoly/ion batteries for my devices.

If you have shortly connection lines betwen module and input point of battery, you may not install a low esr caps, just set 6.8-10uf ceramics for uhf-gprs filtering.

But i just recommend put qeramics or tantalium caps near the module obove 3-5mm near of PBAT_ pins

In all apps what i use i just set a 477(470uf)/10V tantalium caps, it is little bigger than 107(100uf)/10v, but they have good charge using :smiley: .