Halo v2 - power consumption


I’m working with Halo V2 and I’ve got a pair of questions:

1º.- I’ve read in the “HILO V2 APPLICATION NOTE” document the two following sentences:

i) “The HiLo V2 module can be supplied by a battery or any DC/DC converter compliant with the module supply range 3.2V to 4.5V and 2.2 A.”

ii) “To start the module, first power up VBAT, which must be in the range 3.2V ~ 4.5V, and able to provide 2.2A during the TX bursts”

Then I understnad that I need a power supply of a mínimum of 2.2A. Is it ok? I ask this issue because I’ve seen a design with a linear regulator of only 1.5A/3.7V working.

2º.- The level of UART1 signals are 2.8V, and I’ve read in the “HILO V2 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION” document that input voltage-high is a mínimum of 2.4V and Vmax in UART signals are 3.2V. Then If I need to interface this signals with a micro with 3.3V level, I’ll need a level shifter to adjust the different levels. Is it ok? I ask this issue because I’ve seen a design without these level shifter in the UART1 interface.

Thank you so much. Best regards.

Please find below the answers to your querries.

  1. The power supply used for the hiloV2 must be capable to provide a peak of current for the BURST (according to the PTS the burst peak of current is 1.7A with a capacitor of 680uF).

  2. The voltage of the UART is 2.8V with +/- 0.4V of tolerance.
    If your HW is within this range in 100% of the cases (tolerance of components, HW diversity in mass prod) so you don’t have to adjust with LevelShifter.


Thank you so much.

I understand the answer of the question 1, but the answer of the question 2, It’s a little confusing. I’ve seen in a HW design, the uart module conneced to a microprocessor with a voltage level of 3.3V. but I think it’s necessary to use a level shifter, due to 2.8+0.4 = 3.2V < 3.3V, Isn’t It?