I’m trying to use the HTTP POST feature on the HiLoV2 but no matter what I do, any attempt to use AT+KHTTPPOST never returns any data (+KHTTP_ERROR 0,10). Can anyone provide hints or a working sample for sending POST data to a server (I’m using KHTTPPOST as I will eventually want to transition to HTTPS and I’m hoping that once I’ve got HTTPPOST working, HTTPSPOST will be a simple case of adding certificates and S’s).

Here is the full log of what I’m sending: (> is to Hilo, < is from Hilo)

I have now managed to get this working. It seems my mistake was adding the EOF pattern after the post data content. For any future readers, here is the sequence I am now using:


I am trying your sequence of commands in hl6528-g devkit.
I don’t know hilov2 but it seems to have the same commands with hl series.

I am using tera term to communicate with the devkit.
Question… how can I enter the headers?
How can I enter ?