AT command - HTTP POST request setup using AT+KHTTPHEADER locked


I’m having a hard time to understand how to make a POST request using the commands AT.
I’m assuming I have to set the header first with the command AT+KHTTPHEADER and when I try I got the CONNECT message.
The probleme is that I think I have to write my header from now on but it’s program that wrote the AT commands, I do not wrote them manually and my the program seems to wait for the the KHTTPHEADER command to finish. Because of that I cannot write anything else and my program just wait indefinitely.

So I don’t know how to write my header.

Any help would be welcome. :slight_smile:

If you cannot reprogram it, you cannot use it, even you set the header, how do you write data for +khttppost?

I thought maybe there was a parameter in one of the AT commands. I haven’t seen many practical examples so I don’t know what is possible.
My goal is to communicate with my http server using the AT commands in an automated way by printing them to my terminal instead of writing them.

Can I do that ? if so, how can I understand and implement it ?

thanks for the help

did you check KHTTPPOST command?
Can your program send the data ?