Hilo v2 AT command for FTP connections

Hi all,

I’m currently facing an issue about FTP connection using an OpenPicus board, which is equipped with a Flyport Pro GPRS SoC, which in turn contains a Hilo v2 module.
I registered a certain amount of free trivial FTP hosting domains, with no firewall, IP protection, folder privacy and so on: you just need an user name and a password to log in and download/upload everything.
When I try to send the server IP string through the AT+KFTPCGF command, the module replies with “ERROR”. This happens when, for example, the server string is like “ftp...” (where , and are the subdomain strings) and when the string is longer than 6 characters. When shorter, it actually works fine.
Nevertheless, for other FTP domains and thus different server IP strings, the module replies with a CME error 3 (operation not allowed), even though the FTP is freely accessible (with FileZilla I can actually do any downloads/uploads).
I’d kindly ask if there’s any way to overcome these issues and/or if I’m actually making any mistakes.

Thanks in advance.

Are you trying with server name (DNS name) or IP address?Can you check with server IP address it’s working fine?
can you share your AT command sequence…