[Hilo] time slots used during an eCall

[Hilo] In-band modem, could you confirm how many time slots are used during an eCall? Is it possible to have two consecutive time slot? (In fact when we receive one time slot at the end of the first frame and when we receive another time slot in first position on the second frame) And between two time slots we have always 4,615ms?

Answer: Yes. eCall is exactly like a voice call regarding time slot. It takes “1 time slot RX” + “1 time slot Tx”.
(One time slot is 577 µs)

Assuming that only Rx is important for your power supply calibration, then you can consider only one time slot of 577 us for each TDMA frame (4,6152ms).
Note that this time slot will never be in the same position in the TDMA frame during the voice call.

Usually, there is always 4,615ms between two Tx time slots but when you have a hand over, this rule could be broken during a small windows of time.