[Hilo] How to know the distance to the current BTS?

[Hilo] How to know the distance between my Hilo and current BTS?

Answer: You can use the <AT+KCELL=0> command.
Since the 6.00 software release, the Timing Advance (TA) is added to the notification of KCELL.
The BTS sends to each MS a “timing advance” parameter (TA) according to the perceived round trip propagation delay BTS-MS-BTS. So, to know the distance between the Hilo and the Base station you have to use this equation:
D = (TA/2)x 3.6µs x C
- TA is the Timing Advance that you can see on the KCELL notification.
- C is the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second).
- D is the distance between your Hilo and the BTS.