[Hilo] How do I certify my product?

Answer: This FAQ gives an overview of a certification process for a GSM product; we focused ourselves on the minimum requirement for the GSM part. However, a certification body opinion is often recommended.
There are two kinds of certifications: mandatory certifications and volunteer certifications.
For mandatory certifications it depends on the country where you want to sell your product (see §1). For volunteer certifications, it depends on the network on which your product will be deployed (see §2).
1/ Mandatory certification
The mandatory certifications are almost the same all over the world with slight differences. There are mainly four parts: Radio, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Security and Health. Your product can lean on our modules’ certifications (EC, FCC, IC, A-TICK). We work with SGS in Asia and Cetecom all over the world but all labs could be used.

a) Europe: It has to be EC certified EC certification is either a declaration or a CB (Certify Body) statement.
Radio part: EN 301 511
Security part: EN 60 950
EMC part: EN 301 489-1 and EN 301 489-7
Health part: it depends on how your product is normally used

  • Close to the head --> SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is required - EN 50 392
  • As a fixed device --> SAR is not required but sufficient, if SAR is not performed a declaration shall be done - EN 50 385

b) In the United States: FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is required
A certification Body is mandatory to pass the FCC.
It is usually convenient to follow the certification body advice.

c) - In Australia - ATICK certification is required

d) - In Canada For HiLo you can use our IC number: 2599H-HILOC.

e) - China - CCC (China Compulsory Certification) is required
The CCC is a complete process with a quality management part and the test that must be passed shall be passed in authorized laboratory in China only.

2/ Volunteer certification
This issue has to be checked on case by case basis. Despite its name this certification is often mandatory if you apply to a particular network operator. Each operator in the world asks something different but there are two main streams: GCF for Europe and PTCRB for US. Here again you can lean on our modules’ certifications and the amount of test is small (limited to electric SIM signal and radiated RF tests). In addition, some operators ask for a special test set that change from one to another.