Answer: You can take as an example the reset which is implemented on our Development Board。
The reset consists in switching off the power supply, which simply requires a transistor connected to VBAT of the HiLo. The management of the transistor can be performed for example by the output of a microcontroller that will, under certain circumstances (e.g. no response from the HiLo module during a certain period of time), toggle an IO connected to the transistor. The HiLo is then switched off, waiting for the VBAT to be applied again as soon as the IO is back to its nominal level. We recommend using a low RDS ON MOSFET (e.g. Fairchild FDC6331L). The module will reset under 2V9 and can be power on above 3V1.
Please refer to schematic “FDC6331L.pdf”.