[Hilo] GPRS is not really attached for a new SIM card


[Hilo] When it is the first time the SIM card is used on the module, why it fail for GPRS connection by ATD99**1#? It seems the GPRS is not really attached. Note that I use a virgin SIM card from Telenor SE in Sweden.

Answer: From Spytrace log, we see the problem that after the indication
CAPI_SM_LAST_PDP_DEACT_IND is received; a new change of class is triggered.
Because we are detached for PS services, MMM should try to make an attach request using GMM_UPDATE_PROC_REQ message. But MMM doesn’t send this indication and return immediately a confirmation message with BUSY cause which is not correct.
In this case we will not try to attach to PS services and we will remain registered only for CS services.
So it is normal they the GPRS connection will fail after.

The solution is using again <AT+CGATT=1> after module start up.