[Hilo] Does module support NMO 1?


[Hilo] Does HiloNCv2 have full support of NMO 1(Network Mode Operation 1)? This mode allows accepting requests (paging messages) of incoming calls/CSD while data transfer over GPRS is active.
How I can obtain information about currently used NMOfrom HiloNCv2? Assuming, a mobile operator provide this feature (NMO 1).

Answer: NMO1 is not supported by the module as well as most of the network operator.
This feature is only supported by some Japanese network.
Therefore, most of the time, when there is an active data transfer on the GPRS, the RF resources are used by the bandwidth of the GPRS and so, the network as no way to send the paging request.

This is the theory.
In the real word, a GPRS active data transfer is never continuous. There are some holes in the communication; in this case, you can at list be paged. This will not work 100% of the time. It’s strongly depends on your usage of the GPRS and on the network behavior.