Help With Using MC7455 with ASUS Router



I recently purchased a couple of ASUS routers, RT-AC68U, and set up an AIMesh mesh network in my house. I have been using a MC7455 Card (Sprint Band 25) connected in a USB adapter which has worked through a ZBT WG3526 router. I decided to upgrade because of the mesh network, as well as 4G USB connectivity.

I was disappointed to find out that ASUS did not have the MC7455 listed among compatible modems, so I have attempted to connect manually, but have not had any luck to this point, so for now, I have been using the BT router as an Access Point which then connects to the ASUS WAN port. I would like to have a direct connection, if I knew of a way to do so. I have scoured the forums, but haven’t found what I need.

How do I make this work? Currently, the modem is set up as MBIM protocol with COM port active. I do not possess the skills to figure it out myself.

Seth Anderson
Moon, VA


Are you still working at trying to get the Sierra MC7455 working, connected to the Asus RT-AC68U USB?


Yes, some druvers wiuld be nice.


I got an error message because my response wasn’t long enough. Please give us Windows 10 drivers fir the MC7455 to connect with the ASUS RT-AC68U.


You probably need some OpenWrt (previously called LEDE) on this device. Wireless LAN might not be working anymore if you install this firmware. Your choice.