Help with gps


Didn’t you know that Wavecom modules have Windows XP on board?! :laughing:


With no open-AT application installed, have you tried using Hypoterminal (or whatever) to verify that you can send AT commands to UART2, and receive its responses?


Not exactly but I tried another way… I connected an oscilloscope to the edges of RX and Tx of the GPS and I saw that the GPS sends pluses (ie data) and the UART also send pulses to the GPS Rx!So that is supposed to mean that they communicate properly, right?


Did you verify that the “pulses” constitute valid frames?
ie, correct baud rate, correct start & stop bits, parity, etc…


Yes everything is ok with this! And while at first UART2 responded and sent something back now it sends nothing at all…
I only use RX and TX and I disabled RTS and CTS because my GPS doesn’t provide any. My oscilloscope shows the data coming from GPS ok, but the UART2 doesn’t seem to “feel” anything although I opened it and set the corrected baud rate… (also I used AT+IFC=0,0 to disable CTS and RTS). Any ideas please??


I found what the problem is… GPIO1 which I use to enable the GPS was never driven high, so UART2 was reading trush …


I want UART1 to be in data mode.

Once data receives on the UART. I should receive an event.

Can any one explain how to achive this.

I am new to wavecom OPENAT