HELP ! ATD Command Max Dialed number length (20)


I’m developing an application that dials a number to the carrier to execute some actions.
In some cases, I need to dial a 22 characters number. (with ATD)
The problem is that I get CME ERROR 26 whenever I try to dial a number of more than 20 characters.
I’m using a Q2406 gsm module.

Is there a way to change this limitation ? I think it’s because of the memory of the dialed numbers (it supports 200 entries of 20 chars max each) but in some modems, for the same sim card, it gives 100 entries of 40 chars is there a way to make my Q2406 do the same ?

Thanks for your help.


Could you save the number to a SIM contact and then dial the SIM contact? I guess it depends how often you have to update the number.

Just to let you know that the Q2406 module was end-of-lifed by Sierra Wireless (Wavecomm?) quite a number of years ago and is now very obsolete. There’s not a lot of support for it anymore. Maybe you could have a word with your distributor to see if anyone there still remembers how to use it, or they may have a copy of the old doco.

I know it doesn’t help your current problem though.

ciao, Dave

Please explain this use case.

I don’t think that 22 characters can ever be valid as GSM dialled number :question:

So, presumably, this is really some “special” application where you dial a real number, then add digits once connected to get further options… :question:

How are you currently doing this - from a PSTN (landline) modem? Manually?

As already noted, that module has been obsolete for very many years :exclamation:

Hi thanks for your replies !

I already tried to save a number of more than 20 characters it can’t be done :frowning: (SIM card issue ??) I also did so in a phone and transferred the contact to the sim card but it got truncated to 20 characters…

22 characters is in fact a valid number when addressing the carrier to do actions (it gets parsed and interpreted… and it works on huawei 3G modems)

I can input the characters after getting connected to the carrier (I do so, in other cases within my app) but I prefer stick to the one call command as I get SMS errors if I input a wrong info. (when I give parameters AFTER being connected, the errors are being notified vocally… it doesn’t suit my app)

Right now, I’m doing it through GSM Modems/Phones ! (not PSTN) I just dial the number with ATD Command ! Because of this problem I’m using a Huawei K3765 3G modem, but it’s not the ideal solution for the long term ! :frowning: