GX450 GPS fix update frequency

ALEOS 4.7.0

I have observed that on the GX450 GPS often more than a minute passes between GPS fixes. Although I see the amber light flash more frequently than once per minute, when I compare os.date() to system.gps.minutes + system.gps.seconds, often the difference is more than a minute. If I were tracking cop cars parked at the donut shop, probably no big deal. If you are tracking airplanes, a minute is a lot of distance, even in a lowly Cessna.

Is there a configuration setting to change the minimum GPS fix update period?


Airplane Tracker

Hi Paul,

you should be able to get the GPS data at a second-wise pace or at least near a second-wise pace.
Settting the GPS fix report is either done in AceManager GUI or as I seem do understand in your scenario, at the AAF app level, depending on the user set frequency of the get call (tbh you can as well register to the desired value to get instantaneous notification upon value change).
That being said there is no reason why Aleos or AAF would output GPS data at a minute-wise pace unless there is some issue on the CPU load with the particular device you are using.
Typically event reporting or VPN do generate non-neglictable CPU load, or depending on what the AAF application is doing and how it is written, this can as well influence on the CPU load.
I invite you to get in touch with your local Sierra Wireless Representative to qualify more deeply on this reported behavior,


Problem solved by performing a Hardware Defaults Reset as recommended by Armen.

Apparently, I had horribly misconfigured some ALEOS reporting or notifications while trying to learn about the GX450 & ALEOS and reseting to defaults cleared up the problem.

I now see GPS fix updates at about 1Hz and no more delays in Lua script processing.

My recommendation is that after wildly messing up the configuration, just reset to Hardware defaults and start over. Spare yourself the troubleshooting effort.

Thanks for the help!