GX440 allowable characters in passphrase

Has anyone attempted to use special characters in their passphrase when the modem is configured as an AP?

I’m looking for documentation stating the restrictions on what characters can and cannot be used in the passphrase and unfortunately, I haven’t found such document.

I know so far that the $ symbol will prompt an error connecting. On my Windows 7 laptop, I get a Network Security Key Mismatch error and I am prompted to give another password. The ( and ) symbols don’t even allow the SSID to be shown. I’ve even attempted to do a site survey on my Linux machine and the AP does not show up. I am going to test all characters(characters that a user can type on their keyboards) and make a list of what I can and cannot use, but it would be very nice to have actual documentation or verification from Sierra Wireless on what characters you can and cannot use.

Looking forward to some feedback! Thanks in advance,


Hi Sally,

Are you using WEP or WPA ? I am not an expert but I think only alphanumeric can be used in WEP passphrases


I am using WPA. I did receive an email from Support at Sierra Wireless stating $, ", _ are verified to not work…But that doesn’t match the ( and ) issues I’ve been having too. Hopefully I can get more from Support and I will post the results here so if anyone else has any trouble they can find it :slight_smile:



So far from my testing, I have found out that the characters not working are:

$ ( ) | ; < > SPACE

The ( ) < > all behave the same, making the AP “disappear”

Still waiting on confirmation from Sierra Wireless.