GX 400 AVL Reporting Delay after upgrading to 4.4.8

We recently upgraded our GX400 Gateways from 4.4.4 to 4.4.8, and then started getting complaints that the AVL reported from the devices were significantly delayed. The reported locations were generally over 10-15 minutes behind.

After digging down to it, I found that the GPS location reported through the device’s web console did report the correct location. However, the log from the server side shows coordinates that are way behind where the vehicle should be.

From the device’s own log, I found numerous errors as below:

Dec 3 15:40:12 err ALEOS_EVENTS_dpRptGen: Destination message queue /dprsn is full (max = 40 current 40)
Dec 3 15:40:12 err ALEOS_EVENTS_dpRptGen: ReportGenerator::_sendReport: rptNo=14 send ret=-2 len=193 header.msgLent=228

I searched it up both from Google and from this site, but could find anything. Can anyone share some idea which way I should go on the troubleshooting?

Much appreciated.

Which firmware package do you upgrade for your GX400?

We use the
Telus package because Telus us our ISP.
Our issue has been resolved and the cause of the issue is on the FQDN of reporting server.
The Sierra Networks Support has helped me identify that the modem queries DNS on IPv6 and that keeps failing.
After changing it to server’s IP address, it resolves the issue.