GSM problem


Hi all,
I am using the Q2686 with FW 6.63 and OpenAT4.22a.
Once in a while the wismo detaches from the GSM Network (probably because of bad signal quality) but never reattaches itself everafter (even when signal quality is guaranteed again).
The only solutions so far is to send AT+CFUN=1, but that leads to a reboot of the OpenAT software (which is normal). However, in my application I cannot really afford such a reboot. This looks like a severe problem to me.
Unfortunately the problem cannot be reproduced, since it only occurs in very rare cases.
I tried the following trick (which is not helping): After being detached from the GSM network for 30 minutes I send AT+COPS=2 and then AT+COPS=0.
Has anybody ever experienced such a behavior?
Is there any other solution but sending AT+CFUN=1?
Thank you for your help!


The behaviour you are facing is not normal.
You need to contact your distributor that should help you to catch some GSM traces with TMT. These traces would be forwarded to Wavecom for analyse.
Unfortunately, when such a behaviour occurs, it’s not possible to reset the GSM stack without resetting the Open AT application.