GPSPVT Datasheet and HL8548 return mismatch

I am reading the datasheet and see GPSPVT should return the following format:

+GPSPVT: 0,08:17:32,27/04/2010,3D FIX,N 48 34’52.90’’,E002 21’58.65’’,+0010m

But I see a few discrepencies: i.e. The North/South is actually DDD instead of just DD. I want to make sure the device will continue to xmit this way going forward even though the N/S Degrees never exceed 90.

GPSPVT:0,00:00:00,00/00/0000,NO FIX,N 000 00’00.00",E 000 00’00.00",+0000m

What is the firmware at your end?


I am running RHL85xx.