GPS Week Number (WN) rollover

We have a product that uses the GlobalTop SL3C GPS module and we need to know whether this product will properly handle the WN rollover that will occur in April. We do not currently have access to a GPS simulator and so are unable to test this ourselves. Please advise.


SL3C doesn’t have WN rollover issue in this April. Thanks.


What about GPS modules from the former GlobalTop like the Gmm-u1 and the FGPMMOPA6B? I have customers with both these modules sold over a number of years. Now both show a date in 1999 when tested. So both have failed after the rollover. Has a firmware fix for these modules been thought about or created?


Hi Simon,

The two models you listed are too old that I don’t have the details on hand.
If they are MT3333 or MT3339 based moudles, you can try upgrading FW to AXN3.2 or above(the latest is 5.1.1) for MT3333 and AXN2.1 or above(the latest is 2.5) for MT3339.