GPS etc..


Are there any notes about using the on board gps?

Or even some hints about what header files to dive into?

Ciao, Dave

Hello Dave,

The documentation for the GPS is under the Positioning API in the main documentation index. In Alpha B the posDaemon is disabled by default, so you have to manually start it.

To re-enable it:

  1. Go to /usr/local/bin
  2. Open ‘legato’ file
  3. In StartLegato() function, add posDaemon to the for loop
for procName in serviceDirectory logCtrlDaemon configTree audioDaemon modemDaemon posDaemon dcsDaemon agent
    do …


Hi Kelly,


This may be a dumb question, but where is the ‘Main Documentation Index’?

All the documentation I’ve got is that supplied with the Legato Alpha-B Package:

  • Legato Alpha-B Getting Started
  • AirPrime - AR and WP Series - Development Kit User Guide - Rev2.2
  • AirPrime - WP710x-G - Product Technical Specification and Customer Design Guidelines - Rev2.4

I’ve had a look on the Developer Zone and there’s no resources there under the Legato product.

Can you please point me to the extra documentation resources.

ciao, Dave

Hello Dave,

Sorry about the confusion. Once you’ve downloaded the Legato framework source and successfuly built it using either:

$ make

Or just the docs:

$ make docs

You will get a Documentation directory in your Legato directory. Just open the generated index.html file in your web browser. It’s a doxygen generated document and there’s a table of contents on the left hand side. In the table of contents there’s a Positioning API topic that you can check out.


Hi Kelly,


Thanks for your help. Now it’s time for some reading…

ciao, Dave

Hiya All,

Just as an addition, you can also make the PDF version of the docs for reading off-line/printing etc. Do the following:

cd legato (your legato framework directory) cd build/localhost make pdf

after this completes, there will be a file called legato.pdf in the directory


which you can then copy to somewhere more convenient.

ciao, Dave


Does the GPS need an active antenna? If so, is there an I/O pin to turn it on (like on the OpenAT modules).

Also, the Positioning API in the docs doesn’t appear to have any functions that return the GPS time. Is it possible to get the time from the GPS module?

Ta, Dave

a passive GPS antenna can be used. Of course active antenna will provide better performance. For antenna features, please review WP7 PTS/CDG guide v3 available on Dev Zone
Thanks you