GL8200 TCPPAD Listening Server


I’m looking through the AT Commands for the GL8200 and I do not seem to find any reference to a TCPPAD Listening Server setup. Can you tell me what commands we would use to set this up?

We have a remote data collection unit that can not be programmed, so the modem has to be programmed to have a TCP Server session running at all times and accept an incoming connection on a specific port number. Then all serial data in both directions is encapsulated via PAD and sent over the TCP connection. This is a common feature of many cellular modems and routers.

Is there also a feature of the modem turning its self off then powering up based on the built in RTC and alarm settings?

Thank you,

Roy W.

What i comes to know from sierra is, the SSL/TLS socket over TCP with be integrated along the TLS1.2 support in the next official release.


, I guess you are referring sleep mode. You can refer ‘21.18. Sleep Mode Management’ in AT command guide.