GL8200 RS232 Specification

The data sheet for the GL8200 doesn’t list the min/max voltage allowance on the RS232 interface.

Below is what the data sheet says - The specified voltage and note imply that maybe it shouldn’t be hooked up to a real RS232 converter (+/-15V levels), but can it?

It should specify the output +/- levels (is it +/-5.5V or +5.5/0V?) and the allowable input level ranges.

Pin # Signal I/O I/O Type Voltage Description
1 VIN-VBUS I Power Supply 4.75V – 32V 4.75V to 32V DC input
2 RS232-DTR I RS-232 5.5V Data Terminal Ready
3 RS232-RXD O RS-232 5.5V Receive Serial Data
4 RS232-CTS O RS-232 5.5V Clear To Send
5 - - - - Reserved
6 GND - GND GND Ground
7 RS232-TXD I RS-232 5.5V Transmit Serial Data
8 RS232- RTS I RS-232 5.5V Request To Send
Note: Pins 2-4 and Pins 7-8 are used by the serial link interface. It is strictly prohibited to connect them to
any power supply at the risk of damaging the GL8200.