Getting sim pin tries left in Sierra 3g modem



I want to find out number of pin tries left in sierra 3g modem. What is the At command for this option?




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I tried at+cpinc command from a HyperTerminal but the modem reported an error for this command.
The modem i’m using is Sierra wireless MC8792V.



AT+CPINC? isn’t supported by MC modules. As far as I can tell, there is no command for SIM PIN retries in MC modules, but I might have missed it!



Is that a bug? or a firmware upgradation ll do it? or
Is ther any alternate way to get the pin tries left?


I’m not sure. I’ve just looked through the AT command manual for the MC87XX, and couldn’t find any command for reading remaining SIM attempts remaining. That doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist, just that it isn’t documented :slight_smile: I suggest you contact you distributor, and ask them to check with Sierra Wireless as they may have access to additional documentation or commands.

The alternative is that there just is not a command to do this on the MC87XX, which would not be very nice of SiWi!


This 'll be the way in MC modules to determine

+CSIM: 44,"000093B07F200200000000000099100160800838A9000
You can see 838
“3” is the remaining count


I just want to add the command to retrieve the information from USIM-Cards. These use a different command set, as described in ETSI TS 102 221.[1]

The command would be
+CSIM: 4,“63C2”

where the last byte is the number of remaining tries. Is the card blocked, it can be 63C0 or 6983.

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[1] , page 96