Geolocation through cellIds in WP7504

Hello All,

I am looking into obtaining geolocation through cell ids in WP7504. I came across this application note that gets the MCC, MNC and area codes of surrounding cell towers through a set of AT commands. But, I realized that they were for different modems and couldn’t find those AT commands in WP7504’s reference maunal.

I also found some useful API calls here. But they don’t give the MCC and MNC of neighboring cells.

Is it possible to do geolocation in WP7504? Could you give us some pointers on how to go about this?



None of the WP’s support the network survey mode which gives you all of the cells of all of the networks, it only allows you to see the surrounding cells of the current network but the principle is the same you just potentially just have reduced accuracy so you can still perform the operation.