Generic firmware with EM7455 and Sprint sim



I am using Sprint sim card with EM7455 module. By default it has generic firmware and seems it doesn’t work with sprint sim card. Following is the output i get
pen-mbimra-ubuntu:~# qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --nas-get-serving-system --device-o
[/dev/cdc-wdm0] Successfully got serving system:
Registration state: 'not-registered-searching’
CS: ‘detached’
PS: ‘detached’
Selected network: ‘3gpp’
Radio interfaces: ‘1’
[0]: ‘umts’
Roaming status: ‘on’
Data service capabilities: ‘0’
Current PLMN:
MCC: ‘310’
MNC: ‘410’
Description: ‘’
Roaming indicators: ‘1’
[0]: ‘on’ (umts)
Detailed status:
Status: ‘limited’
Capability: ‘cs-ps’
HDR Status: ‘none’
HDR Hybrid: ‘no’
Forbidden: ‘no’
UMTS primary scrambling code: ‘313’
Full operator code info:
MCC: ‘310’
MNC: ‘410’
MNC with PCS digit: ‘yes’
But if I update the firmware to sprint specific, it could get sim registered successfully.
Is there a way I can get Sprint sim card registered/working with generic firmware instead of Sprint specific firmware?
I have another sim from AT&T and it could work with generic firmware.




Did you set the APN for Sprint on the 74 for Sprint? They only operate an LTE network and it needs the APN at the very least to attach where AT&T have a 3G and LTE network meaning you could be attaching to the 3G network which does not need an APN.

Generically speaking it is always best to use the carrier specific releases in the US as you just do not know what other changes they have requested beyond the APN settings.