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I am researching the WP8548 module for possible use in a product. We are have a processor already in the design and only need to use the WP8548 for HTTP communications. Is this built into the module already or do I need to write an application for the module as well to handle that. If it’s already built in, can you please point me in the direction of some documentation, or better yet sample code, that demonstrates this functionality?

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Your requirement is not really clear. What I can say is the following

  • You are not able to run any user code on the HL8 of any description.
  • The HL8 has an on board IP/TCP/HTTP stack, however your application code on the micro stil need to be able to parse the HTTP messages+ respond.
  • Examples of how to run this are all given in the AT command manual at the link below. (you do need to create yourself a login, not sure if it is the same one as for this forum).

Does this answer your question?



Thanks for the reply Matt.

Though in my previous post I was referring to the WP8 and not the HL8. I understand the major difference is that the WP8 has an on board application processor. My question is do I need to write code for the application processor on the WP8 in order to use it for HTTP based communications with an external host processor? Or is there some pass through mechanism that allows me to use AT commands to communication using HTTP without the need to write an application for the on board processor on the WP8?

Paul Bartosek


The WP has limited functionality when using an external processor with AT commands as it is not really designed to be used in this way, it is designed to be used with Legato or it is possible to use it with a full Linux OS. If you are looking to use n external micro it is far better to o down the HL route.

Is there a specific reason you want the WP?




It really comes down to pricing, my purchaser tells me the WP8 comes in cheaper than the HL8. But if I need to factor in development time for the WP8 then that adds quite a bit of development cost.

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate the information!

HL8 is cheaper than WP8, I don’t know who they have been talking to.