FX30S Set GPIO56/IO3 to current sink

According to the FX30S user guide R6 IO3/Gpio56 can be used to drive a load of <400mA. The device is running Legato 18.06.

So from the diagram I assume that +5-+36V from the power connector to IO3 should be able to drive a relay.

It should also be done with pullups off according to the user guide.

I have tried this but the multimeter (Amp range) between IO3 and Pin1 in the power connector shows nothing, reagrdless of the state of gpio56.

With pull ups on I get a response from the pin sending out +/-5V, but the drained amps are still displaying 0.

Any clue what I am doing wrong?

It should also be noted that when I try to set the GPIO to tristate/open drain or enable/disable resistors using the API I get errors:

Open Drain API not implemented in sysfs GPIO
Tri-State API not implemented in sysfs GPIO
Disabling the resistors is not supported

Though accessing Gpio54 directly allows med to control the reisistors.

Hi @einarsundgren

Please try using AT!FWD?GPIO, AT!FWD=GPIO, AT!FWD?GPIOCFG, AT!FWD=GPIOCFG commands to control the GPIO56/IO3.