FX30 - Problem with using "recv" function

Hi all,

Having problems with the recv function receiving data from the network socket. Sometimes the functions holds the received data in the buffer. I can trigger and receive of the data by performing a workaround, I use the send function to send to the socket with no data in it’s buffer.

I have included my code. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what’s wrong. The funny thing is, that if I use my T-Mobile account, that only connects to the GSM rat, the app works great, without the need of the send workaround.



FX30S_CellcommComponent.c (30.0 KB)

You can check sleep mode on your device, or the connection time-out for TCP connection (it can be set on server).
For more details, you can raise your question on this forum: https://forum.legato.io/