[FX30] Problem with logrotate in yocto image


The latest yocto image provide a logrotate script in /etc/cron.daily but this script calls /usr/sbin/logrotate which doesn’t exist. logrotateis in /usr/bin.

Unfortunately, it seems it’s not easy to fix. If I try to crate a symlink in my rules to /usr/sbin when I build it it says that /usr/sbin/logrorate exists already I Don’t understand why as it’s not the case !?! And I provide my own logrotate, it says it exists already. That’s true.

So I suppose that logrotate doesn’t work in yocto image! Could you tells me how it’s suppose to work and where logrotate comes from as I can found it in build_bin only?
So how would you do to fix that?


Hi Albo,
Could you please specify which device and version you are running this on?


Hi Chris,

I build my image from Legato-Dist-Source-mdm9x15-SWI9X15Y_07.12.14.00 and I run it on a FX30 3G Generic Prt No 110324.


Hi AlBo,
The image you built is a stock WP image for Release 15, which isn’t supported on the FX30.

Please go through your support channel to open an issue against the WP8548 module Release 15.