FX30 - Internet connection goes down without apparent reason and all indicator are OK


I’ve been having some problems with the FX30 (WP7702). I’m using it as a gateway to provide internet access to other device.

I’ve a problem where the cellular connection will stop working at random. All will be working for hour and than the connection won’t work anymore. Nothing special is happening that could provoke a change in the data flow.

When I start an ssh session I can see that everything is normal and should be working but there is no access to the internet. I’m unable to ping anything outside the local network.

The only I’ve found to restore the connection is to reboot the gateway.

Does anyone would have an idea of what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Let me know what information you would like to know.

Hi there,
What version of FX30 firmware are you running? How are you starting your data session?
When the data session isn’t working, could you please check if the APN is correct? Do you have network coverage?

Hi Chris,

Here are the information returned by “cm info”:
Device: FX30(WP7702)
IMEI: 354723090109355
FSN: VU844685880110
Firmware Version: SWI9X06Y_02.16.06.00 7605a6 jenkins 2018/06/20 17:56:12
Bootloader Version: SWI9X06Y_02.16.06.00 7605a6 jenkins 2018/06/20 17:56:12
MCU Version: 002.009
PRI Part Number (PN): 9907957
PRI Revision: 001.000
Carrier PRI Name: GENERIC
Carrier PRI Revision: 001.028_002
SKU: 1103882
Last Reset Cause: Reset, User Requested
Resets Count: Expected: 136 Unexpected: 1

The data session is started with a small app with the sole purpose is to maintain the data connection once started.
When it’s not working, the “cm radio” command return the same information as when it working. Same thing with the “cm data” command.
It’s saying that its connected, usually in roaming.

When the connection stop working, I tried to disable the small app I made and restart the connection manually with “cm data disconnect; cm data connect” . The processus seems to run well until it hits “Testing connection” where it failed.



Hi vchartier,
Could you please post which api you’re using in your application to start the data session? If you’re not using le_data_Request, try changing your app to use this ie, ensure you’re not using the mdc api’s.

When the cm data connect failing at the testing connection, could you please post the output of:

  1. ifconfig
  2. cm data
  3. iptables -L
  4. which cm
  5. Take the output of 4, and cat it


Hi Chris,

Yes, I’m using le_data_Request to start the data session.

I’ll try to reproduce the problem this week and collect the information your asking for but from memory, I can tell that the “ifconfig” and “cm data” return the same information if the problem is there. I never checked the firewall at that time, so I’ll do.

I’ll will send you those information as soon as I’ll be able to reproduce the problem,