FX30 input internal pull up not working on Octave

Hello all,

I’m trying to set the internal pull up resistor on the FX30 through Octave and I’m running into some trouble. Below is a screenshot where I have set the internal pull up on inputs 1 and 3, but both variables are still reporting as false even though I have configured it to true.

A second problem I am running into is whenever I configure one of these EXT_IO3_PU/value tags all three of them will disappear. Here is a screenshot after I configure EXT_IO2_PU/value to true.

As you can see all three of the tags disappeared, and they only reappear when I delete one of them and re-add it in the Services tab. Below is how I deleted it, re-added it, and what the resources tab looked like afterwards.

Here we can see that the configured value is true now, but the reported value is still false. If anyone has any tips on this, we would appreciate it!

Will Teachey