[Fx30-3G] kernel warning "hwrng: no data available"


I some time have the kernel warning message " Fx30-DrBox user.warn kernel: [232707.992098] hwrng: no data available" generated every 10 seconds during some seconds to several hours. Then it stops for some hours or some days then restarts again.
This trace sometime completely fills up the logread buffer.

Some discussions on Legato, Kernel warning Interpretation: HW Random number Generator? - Legato Linux distribution (Yocto project) - Legato Forum, or on the kernel (but they are quite old) propose to comment the warning message.

Do you have information about this message, is-it safe to comment it, or should I be worried to have this message?

Best regards, Christian.

P.S.: I see this on an Fx30-3G with a firmware based on the R14

Hi CGuyot,

Currently, there hasn’t been any report about any critical issue caused by this warning message from users for years.

FX30-3G uses WP8548 module, you could try the proposal on that topic.