I’m trying to port some FXT009 2G to FX100 3G code.
In my 009 I get a NITZ of the format
+WIND: 15,4,“14/06/22,14:02:15+40” - Universal Time
but in the FX100 my NITZ is local
+WIND: 15,3,"+00",4,“14/08/30,14:03:29+00”,6,“0”

is there a way to tell my modem to give me Universal time ??
I know I can work it out for where I am now - but if I travel over a few time zones…

regards all and any

OK found it

AT+CTZU=1 (not sure why - documents seems to indicate it should be AT+CTZU=0) but =1 works

Note that there have been some bugs related to NITZ in the Q2698 module used in FX100. So the behaviour of NITZ and CTZU command depend on the FW you use.