Full handshaking signals on UART1

i am designing a application for the q24pl, and the question came up whether or not i will need to support all the handshaking signals on uart1. wiht the use of tx, rx, cts, rts, what other use do the dcd, ri, … signals have. i have never used them in any application, and the only place i can think of using them is for old dial-up connections modems.

would i be loosing an important functionality by dropping the full handshaking signals?

all the protocols (udp, tcp, smtp, ftp, …) and firmware downloading are done with the tx, rx, cts, and rts.

can anyone provide any examples of where the other signals might be used?


If you’re going to use your new application as a modem suitable for use by Windows (or probably Linux), you’re probably going to have to provide all the flow control signals. Windows gets upset if DSR etc don’t behave as a modem is supposed to.

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