FTPS: Multiple SSL Channels Failing

I’m using the example FTPS code example and the latest (7.52) firmware.

I get the following error when opening the (SSL wrapped) data channel to transfer a file.

[SSL][ERROR] Can't create SSL channel : (reason) The limited 1 (one) SSL channel is already open.

This seriously breaks any communication that is based on the model of a control channel and a data channel. Is there a work around for this? It looks like the previous SSL library didn’t have this limitation.

Information from Sierra Wireless SSL library developer few months ago:

Based on the above statement, your options would be:

  1. Stick to 1.x library with 7.4x firmware (but you may face random reset)
  2. Request SWIR to implement FTPS. You would have request this through your SWIR FAE or distributor.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Where did you find this info? I searched and read all of the release notes I could findDeveloper Studio Release notes, Security_Library_2_2_0, Security_Library_1_16.