FTP_PUT example only OK once

Hi all,

I used the ftp_put example in a Q2686RD, F/W = R7.43. When I power up the modem, connect to GPRS, then call the ftp_put code, it transfers the complete file (about 2KB) successfully to the FTP host server. The traces (automatically given by the Wavecom firmware) indicate that the FTP flow of data is correct, and that all the channels are closed after the file transfer.

Keeping the modem still powered-up and calling the ftp_put code again, the traces once again indicate that the FTP flow of data appears to be correct, but the received file size is zero bytes. ‘nwrite’ has a value of zero in this case (why?). Any subsequent calls to the ftp_put code have the same results. Only when the modem is power cycled, is the received FTP file correct, i.e. it only works correctly once after power-up. Has anyone else seen this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?


See the following post ,this may be of some help.