From GL6100 to Database over GPRS

Hy guys,

I wonder if it’s possible to write directly from a GL6100 modem to a SQL Server database over a GPRS connection.
I mean, SQL Server is a TCP/IP server running on port 1433… i can implement a TCP/IP client on the modem to connect to the remote SQL server but after TCP the modem doesn’t know anything else related to the databases from what i know - nothing related to application layer…how to authenticate or to send queries.
I read a little and it seems that SQL server uses TDS protocol at the application layer…maybe if i can implement that over TCP to send correct messages to the server…

Does anyone know it is even possible or is there someone who implemented such a wrinting to a database directly from a modem? I need to read some values from the serial port and write those directly to a database without any application in between…

I really don’t think this is possible. I don’t think Sierra Wireless provides any samples for
accessing SQL servers.

You mean this: … ocol_layer

So why not use a Web Service?

Of course! The servier neither knows nor cares what makes the requests - just so long as they follow the correct protocol!

Why is it so important to not have any intermediate application :question:

Why ever not?
It doesn’t look so hard:

That’s true enough.