Forum updated!

Hi there,
I wish you all a very happy and successful year!

We’ve just deployed a bunch of fixes regarding the forum. I hope you’ll find them useful. Here the list:

Search engines

  • Forum topics & posts metadata and titles fixed to best comply with search engines

Topics & posts notifications

  • The link to subscribe/unsubscribe to topics & posts has been replaced by a more visible button, at the top and the bottom of the screen.

(Remainder: if you don’t visit the forum after having received a notification, the forum stops sending you notifications until you log in again)

Thanks feature

  • Thanks feature messages have been fixed


  • the tag search below the tag cloud on the right works again
  • bad tags have been wiped out from database
  • tags validation added to prevent wrong tags to be added: special characters and long tags are now forbidden
  • in the post editing view, the tag area now opens on a click on the “Add tags” button

Developer Zone

  • Top contributors listed on the Dev Zone is now taking into account the activity of the last 5 days
  • Sierra Wireless people don’t appear in this list anymore