Forum site with IE6

Hi all,

Forum site is viewed better with IE7 and above. There are few issues in viewing it in IE6, hence this announcement.


are there people… no… software developers out there, which use ie6? :open_mouth:

Well, few dev folks reported this issue with IE6, that’s why we had a look at it.

But as Microsoft discontinues IE6, and as very few people use IE6 actually (website statistics say), we’ve decided to not fix this display issue with IE6.

If anyone feels unhappy with this, please gently comment :slight_smile:


I just finished building my first website for a client. The site is for a small business and is fairly basic just static with some links, pictures, icons.

This worked fine before we moved to a new server which leads me to believe this is something to do with group policy even though I can’t find any settings that would cause it. It works fine if you use anything but IE