Forum reply notifications

I’m looking for help regarding receiving email updates for subscribed forum topics.

I subscribed to this thread at the “Tracking” level when I submitted a reply. That means I should have received a “1 new reply” notice the following day at my registered email address.

AFAICT that notification was never sent. There’s no corresponding email in my inbox, spam or deleted items. Also, my ‘Notifications’ page in the forum doesn’t show any activity past the date of my initial reply.

Can anyone else confirm having this problem? Are there any solutions?

Hi pokeeffe ,

“Tracking” means a count of new replies will be shown for this topic

And you will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you. I am mentioning you in the topic by @pokeeffe. I don’t think you will receive a notification for your own comment. Please check your inbox again then confirm

You will not receive a notification if someone leaves a comment on the topic (not reply to your comment)
If you would like to receive notification for every new reply in the topic and a count of new replies will be shown. You should select “Watching”
Also, you will need to set the email option likes below

Please share if you have any concerns

Thank you for clarifying! I read that in a few places and still misinterpreted it to mean a daily digest with new reply counts. I will definitely change my preferences.

I am glad to help you overcome the problem. Please share if you have any concerns. Help us tick “Solution” if it is useful. It might be beneficial to someone getting the same question