"forum pretty useless when no-one from Sierra Wireless..."

Not my words:

Now I do think that “useless” is a bit strong - but the usefulness would certainly be greatly enhanced if only Sierra Wireless would engage.

This would not only help forum users - I’m sure it would also be of great benefit to SiWi if they were to engage with real developers…

daav on the Developer Studio forum is, of course, the notable exception.

See also:

I think the problem actually goes deeper than just this forum - SiWi simply don’t know how to engage with the modern, online world.

eg, they have a so-called “Help” (sic) account on Twitter - but it does not accept messages :exclamation: :unamused:
See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/siwi-help-sic-twitter-account/4863/1

There is also a Sierra Wireless PR on Twitter - but not even managing 1 Tweet per month

And what about Youtube, etc?

I haven’t seen them at a good, old-fashioned exhibition/tradeshow for years…