First layer handler just stopped working

I have two apps sharing data through a legato handler and the communication I see it stops after a certain number of operations.
app 1 will FirstLayer handler and app 2 will subscribe to it, the communication works well, but after a certain number of interactions then it seems that app 2 will stop getting the events.
These are probably around 70, 80k events which the interface seems stopping.
App 1 still seems to triggers the events properly, but I don`t know how to diagnose and solve the problem as app 2 will just stop receiving the events, is there a buffer I need to clear every now and then?
Rebooting the unit will work.

you can try this application ( ipc_step4.rar) and see if there is any problem

@jyijyi at the moment the problem I am experiencing is not to get the handler to work, it all works fine without problems.
The issue is if I stress test this and trigger many events (as I said 70-80k events) then app B will stop getting the data

If you do stress test on ipc_step4.rar, will you see problem

I understand what you say but the problem we have is that we don`t have time to re-build a different app and the stressing mechanism only to validate that is actually the case…
So, in case this would cause the same error, what would be the next step we could take?

i am guessing the opposite: in case there is no error, you can port your code to this app

Another option is you merge the two applications into one if you don’t want to do investigation

the application and handler we have made is already based on that app, that was the example we have used already.

but can you isolate if problem is due to your modification or the problem was already there in the original code?

as I mentioned, in order to do so we would need to re-build our testing mechanism for the app which would be very inefficient, so the reason for asking the question on this forum.

no idea then if you don’t want to isolate different factors to narrow down the root cause.
good luck!