API Legato IPC and thread

I used API Legato IPC interface.
socketCan_SendCanMessage () function
in this implementation, the message is logged from the other module.
This is code client.
In Line // 1, the code executes normally. The data is sent to the server and the message appears in the log.
I see that the data exchange between the client and the server is normal.
In Line // 2 I do not receive the message.
And the message from the line // 3 too.
Why API Legato IPC does not work in the created threads?


socketCan_SendCanMessage (tr, 2); // 1

le_thread_Ref_t ThreadCanTreatment  = \
                  le_thread_Create (" CANTreatment", threadCanTreatment, NULL) ;

if (ThreadCanTreatment == 0) LE_INFO ("MSD_info : error  create thread");

le_thread_Start (ThreadCanTreatment);

 LE_INFO ("MSD_info: le_thread_Start () ");
 le_thread_Join (ThreadCanTreatment, NULL);


void* threadCanTreatment (void *context) {

uint8_t tr[16]= {0};

socketCan_SendCanMessage (tr, 3); //2

LE_INFO (“MSD_info : socket Can send %d”, 11); //3

return NULL;