Fastrack Supreme 20, PTCRB & Carrier Certs

Is the FastTrack Supreme 20 PTCRB certified?
How about carrier certification? AT&T? T-Mobile?

The Fastrack Supreme 20 was PTCRB approved on 10/3/2007 Hdw 401 SW 6.63.

The Wavecom Q2687 GPRS/EDGE module which powers the Fastrack Supreme, was approved by AT&T on 1/27/2008, with 4.20 hardware, firmware 6.63b10. So AT&T approval of the Fastrack Supreme 20 should follow within afew more weeks at most. Update, 2/28/2008; We have been told mid-April for expected AT&T approval of Fastrack Supreme 20.

T Mobile only requires PTCRB approval, so the Fastrack Supreme 20 is good to go on T Mobile!

John Andre
Product manager, Airdesk