Facing issue with PPP authentication failure to UART bearer

I am trying to opening UART1/UART2 bearer. Please find the below steps i am following for opening UART1/UART2 bearer.

ret = wip_netInitOpts ( WIP_NET_OPT_END ); //getting success

bearerRet = wip_bearerOpen ( &br, “UART1”, cbEvhBearer, NULL ); //getting success

bearerRet = wip_bearerSetOpts ( br,
WIP_BOPT_END ); //getting success

bearerRet = wip_bearerStart ( br ); // Returning WIP_BERR_OK_INPROGRESS.

After 1 minute i am getting WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED event. By using WIP_BOPT_ERROR i found the error “WIP_BERR_PPP_AUTH_FAILED” PPP authentication failure. Because of PPP authentication failure uart bearer is getting to failed.
Please give me some suggestions.


What wip_bearerSetOpts should i set like WIP_BOPT_PPP_PAP - Allow PAP authentication & WIP_BOPT_PPP_CHAP - Allow CHAP authentication for the connection between the PC and the embedded module (UART bearer). I tried both of but no result.

They are 3 kinds of protocols.

  1. No protocol: No user name and password is used. The PPP connection is established without authentication.
  2. PAP Protocol: This is a simple authentication protocol used to authenticate a user before the network access. The user name and password are sent in plain text for the authentication.
  3. CHAP protocol: This protocol periodically verifies the identity of the client by using a three-way handshake. This happens when the link is established, and may happen again at any time. The verification is based on a shared secret (such as the client user’s and password). The shared password is encrypted before it is sent.

PAP is the default authentication protocol.
i want to use No protocol but default is PAP Protocol. Now how to use No protocol in my case.


bearerRet = wip_bearerSetOpts ( br,
I disabled both PAP and CHAP authentication but still i am facing issue WIP_BERR_PPP_AUTH_FAILED. Please give me some suggestions i am in critical because i am facing this issue last 1 month.