Bearer event handlers are not calling

/* Initialize the stack */

I am getting SUCCESS of above function.
/* Open the UART bearer */
bearerRet = wip_bearerOpen ( &br, “UART2”, cbEvhBearer, NULL );

I am getting SUCCESS of above function But cbEvhBearer is not getting called.

bearerRet = wip_bearerSetOpts ( br,
WIP_BOPT_IP_ADDR, localAddr,

I am getting SUCCESS of above function.

/* Start the bearer server */
bearerRet = wip_bearerStartServer ( br, cbEvhPppAuth, NULL );

I am getting SUCCESS of above function but cbEvhPppAuth is not getting called.

Please suggest me it would be really help to me.

I have seen the posts you have posted. Better you can contact technical support team to get proper assistance. Also let me know what exactly you are doing? Seems like you are trying UART bearer, if so how are you performing the test? what is the set up at your end?


Hi alex,
I am trying to opening UART1/UART2 bearer in server mode. I am working on SL8082BTA module. I want to send data from my module to PC.


Hi alex,
Now i am able to getting the events in server mode. I found the root cause that we should disconnect the USB and reconnect it back. Uart bearer started but i am getting WIP_BEV_CONN_FAILED with the help of WIP_BOPT_ERROR i found the error that WIP_BERR_PPP_AUTH_FAILED [PPP Authentication Failed]. This is cause of cbEvhPppAuth call back is not calling.
Even i tried to opening UART1 bearer in client mode. Bearer started but i am facing with PPP Authentication Failed even i disabled PAP, CHAP protocol for authentication.
Please any one give me some suggestions.


Hi Ganesh,
I will suggest you to contact technical support for your issue because it seems have to analyse logs to know the exact reason for this issue…


I will contact to technical support team for the resolution. Meanwhile i will try my best level from my side. For this i want to be discuss some points with this group. here i am doing Initializeing PPP server over UART in that case my module is a server & PC is a client. I want to be communicate between server and client by using PPP connection over UART. In that case it is able to calling cbEvhBearer call back. But it is not able to calling cbEvhPppAuth call back because my understand is that client is not authenticating itself and i dont know how to client authenticate itself or with server but we are getting WIP_BERR_PPP_AUTH_FAILED. I dont know how to test from client side and i am just checking server API which has provided by Sierra demo code. Even i am facing same issue PPP connection over UART in client mode also. Please give me some suggestions on the issue.