ExtInt Problems

I am trying to use the IRQ and ExtInt services on a Q2686 to monitor when an interrupt (20ms high to low pulse) occurs on INT1 . I do have the Real-Time feature enabled but I am experiencing problems: I have taken two approaches, each with it’s own problems:

1: I didn’t subscribe to the IRQ and ExtInt services, but rather subcribe to the unsolicited response of “+WIND: 12,1”. This works well, but every once in a while the CPU resets (Power up reset, not an Exception error). Can anyone tell me why and how do I solve this problem.

Approach 2: I subscribe to the IRQ and ExtInt services. I have followed the code in the sample application and the ADL user guide. The problem is every time I get an interrupt pulse the CPU resets with an Exception error. Any ideas?

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Mr. Geoff,

Could you solve this problem?


You can check the signal connect to the EXTINT pin is too fast? So it does not finish the interrupt handler yet, another interrupt has occured. Maybe it is the reason for the reset happen.

How do get the interrupt system to run?

I don’t even receive the +WIND 12 event, even if i have all indications enabled with +WIND=32767